How To Heal From Heart Break


Crying-eyeBy Staff Blogger

Breakups are heard and as much as we would like to be over the person without needing to distract ourselves, quite often a distraction is what we need. That distraction doesn’t need to be a new relationship and you don’t always need to stay home alone soul searching. There are plenty of activities out there that are good for helping you move on from an ex and that can help relieve some of the stress that you are feeling after a breakup.

A really good way to escape your problems is to escape your world for a bit. Literature has a great way of transporting you to another world without you needing to go anywhere. Not only do you get to enjoy the quite time and peaceful solitude that comes with reading, but you also have the opportunity to get some perspective on your life through what you’re reading. Reading is entertaining, pleasurable and relaxing, which is exactly what you need after a breakup.

Sometimes we need to stop and look at our lives and have a good cry. Cry it out. Express your feelings. Bottling up your emotions isn’t good and some people can feel immediate relief through expressing them and then trying to rebuild. Some people find comfort in reading self-help books and listening to music. Do what ever feels good to you, as long as you don’t over-do it.

Try writing! Open up your mind and transfer those thoughts into written word. Perhaps there is more in there than you know of and writing can help you process those hidden feelings, but also remember them. If you write your heartache, there may be a day that you can look back and see the situation in a whole new light.



  1. Every word that was written in this article is so very true. I have lived it on more then one occasion. Reading and writing about the situation really helps. And yes I’ve cried buckets of tears. And that too shall pass!!

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