How to Kiss Your Man and Make Him Really Feel It


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

A kiss is a small token of affection. It is a gateway that can lead to something more if done properly. Your man will appreciate your kissing skills if you practice and follow these seven simple rules to kissing your guy.

1. Tilt your head to the right. Men tend to lean their heads to the left, so if you see him leaning in for a kiss, tilt slightly to the right to avoid a kissing collision.

2. Kiss him first.  A lot of men like a woman who takes charge and makes the first move. It seems that it is always men who go through the motions and make that first move for a kiss, so when a woman does it, it lets the guy know that she is not afraid to take matters into her own hands.

3. Close your eyes before you kiss. Your lips will know where to go. It is awkward to stare into someone’s eyes as they are moving closer and closer to you. It can make a guy self-conscious to have someone staring at them in the middle of a kiss.

4. Get your hands in on the fun. Move your hands around his back and you can take it a little further by lightly massaging his back. It will make things a little more exciting for him and let him know that you are into your make-out session.

5. Pause and make a second of eye contact before you kiss. It will make it that much more passionate.

6. Take out your gum first. Swapping gum is not sexy, and having to kiss someone with a wad of chewed gum rolling around in their mouth can be a turnoff.

7. Don’t try weird things. Licking his lips, biting his tongue, or anything like that will most likely come off as strange and he probably won’t like it.


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