How To Know If A Man Loves You


couple holding handsAs little girls, we were told that if you wanted to know if a boy so called loved you, you could take a rose and pluck its petals while saying “he loves me; he loves me not”. If the last petal came off while you were saying “he love me” then he loved you and if you were saying “he loves me not”, then he didn’t. It was so simple!

While the rose petal plucking game was a girlish superstition, little girls grow up and become adults but sometimes the question still remains… Sadly, it is not always so simple. A man can say he loves you but say something completely different through his actions and yet another man could never utter those three little words but he could show you that he loves you a hundred different ways.

The following are the ways to know if a man loves you:

He touches you in ways that have nothing to do with s-x

Saying “I love you” with words might be important to you, but not all love relies on speech. “Some men may express their love through physical touch,” says Barbara Fredrickson, PhD and author of Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become. Sex is a part of that, but you can really feel his love through his more tender touches and gestures.

 He does his part at home

Life gets busy, but if your guy makes it a point to make sure neither of you are overwhelmed with work or chores, it’s his way of telling you how important you are to him.

 He wants to have experiences together

Maybe your guy isn’t particularly sentimental, but if he always wants to travel, see shows, or just plain hang out together, that’s his way of saying he loves being with you

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  1. You’re right. I love the others ways to say I love you which my man does. Especially when I look up and find him staring with a smile on his face. Or when he passes by and touches me as he goes.

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