How To Know If It’s Love…or Lu$t


By: Krystle Crossman

Is it truly love or is it just lu$t? This may be a question that you have had to ask yourself one or twice you are in a relationship. Do you really love this person or are you just infatuated with them at the moment because of a strong physical connection? There are ways to tell which is which and how to tell what you are feeling at the moment in your relationship.

Signs that it is love:

– You could talk for hours and not even realize how much time has passed.
– You want to be able to meet his friends and his family.
– You want to spend time together outside of the bedroom.
– You are motivated to be a better person around them.
– You want to be open and honest with them about anything.

Signs that it is lu$t:

– Forget the cuddling or breakfast in bed. As soon as the deed is done you are ready to get out of there.
– You are not friends with each other, you are just there for the physical
– You want to have s*x but you don’t want to talk.
– You are focused on their outward appearance and not their personality.
– You would rather have the relationship as a fantasy, not something serious.

Both love and lu$t can get you into trouble, but lu$t more so than love. You may make hasty or poor decisions because of your hormones. If you are in a relationship but something just doesn’t feel right, look at these feelings that your mind may subconsciously have to tell you to get out:

1. You feel uncomfortable when you are with them. After they leave you are left feeling absolutely exhausted.

2. You don’t like how you are being treated but you are afraid to push that person away if you say anything.

3. You have a little voice in your head that is telling you that there is danger.

4. You feel like the attraction is more on the dark side.


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  1. Great Great Great Article!!!!

    OMG! what great reminders of roads I will never attend again. Life teaches you much. I hope many young women read this article with a strong focus, it will protect you from the worms. If someone is not into you their just not into you. A gentleman of integrity does not take what he is not into, and plutonic friendship is always better. Give up nothing and don’t allow them to cross your threshold, and always remember this 1 major thing: (You have “TIME” on your side… if he really likes you he’ll be around and he won’t play games and he’ll keep his hands to himself. Don’t kick your womens intuition to the curb at any given time because that’s your real protection embeded in you from your creator.

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