How To Know If Your $ex Life Is Normal


By: Krystle Crossman

In a relationship people often wonder if they are having the “normal” amount of s*x. But what is normal when it comes to your s*x drive? Every person is different and that is why it is hard to define what is “normal”. Four experts on the subject were asked about different frequencies to determine if there was a “normal” for your s*x drive:

– Two or three times per week: Many couples that are older, such as in their 30s and 40s seem to engage in bedroom activities this often. Dr. Eric Grasser says that couples who are intimate two to three times per week have a mind, body, and spirit connection that some other couples may lack. He says that in order for this s*x drive to remain healthy all three of these things must be engaged.

– Once or twice per week: Dr. Noel Goldberg says that most couples who are past the newlywed stage are intimate once or twice per week. This is considered the healthiest s*x drive. There isn’t too much where can become like a chore but there is enough to keep both parties interested. People who have this kind of drive are more about quality s*x than they are about how frequent it is. The problem with this range however is that quality is almost expected. Arianna Cohen states that when women in their 30s and 40s are in a relationship where they are intimate once or twice a week they expect that it is going to be amazing every time. Unfortunately this is not always the case and the women end up disappointed. This could lead to a much larger gap in the frequency because they don’t want to be unsatisfied.

– More than once per month: While many may think that if you are only intimate with your partner a few times per month there is something wrong, it could actually mean something very different. Dr. Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill states that as long as the couple is satisfied with their s*x life this can be a completely normal frequency. It all depends on the couple and how secure they are with their relationships.


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