How To Let Go and “Pleasure” Yourself


downBy: Krystle Crossman

Rebecca Lammersen has written many different blog articles about her life. Some have been deeply personal, while others are advice that women can carry with them and apply to their lives. As a gift to all women on her 34th birthday, she is offering up some information on how to let go and really pleasure yourself, because nobody loves you better than you!

1. Being naked under your clothes can be liberating. Forget the underwear. She says it is sexier not to wear them (unless of course you are wearing a mini-skirt). Try being naked at least for a little bit every single day. She warns that this may be awkward or uncomfortable for a while, but you will learn to appreciate the beauty that is your body.

2. Every now and then, go primal. Animals don’t use utensils to eat, don’t care what others think about them. Get a little animalistic. Lammersen suggests eating messy foods without utensils and letting yourself get a little dirty for once. If you have a partner, get a little primal with them, and if you are alone, get primal with yourself whenever the mood strikes you.

3. Give in to your fantasies. Even if people think they are strange, it doesn’t matter. You are doing this for you, not for them. Do what you like. She says that she enjoys watching well-made p0-rn and is turned on by hearing others pleasuring each other, but this is not for everyone.

4. Turn yourself on. When you are pleasuring yourself, do it in front of a mirror. Connect with your body, notice the change in your face, embrace the act. Lammersen says this brings it to a whole new level.

5. If you have fantasies or acts in your head that you enjoy, Lammersen says to write them out. Put down on paper what you are thinking, and then read it out loud to yourself. It can be a great turn on.


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