Losing Weight Is So Much Easier For Men; Here’s How They Do It


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Women will try most anything under the sun to get those extra pounds off of their bodies. Many do not look to the one source that they should be looking at. Writer Nowreen Nazmi says that she watched men lose weight and realized that there are very big differences in the way that men and women approach things.

1. Men tend to use events such as races or athletic competitions as a motivator to get into shape. They want to be in the best shape possible to compete. Women often use the event itself as a form of exercise for weight loss.

2. Men do not try to be perfect. They don’t care if they slip up and gain a few pounds one week. They probably barely even notice it. They do not stress out if they still have another five pounds to go. They know they aren’t perfect and that losing weight is not something to worry that much about.

3. Men will eat cookies. They will have pizza. If they are on a specific diet, they will not feel bad about having a cheat day. They will not stress about it and go on an extreme diet afterwards because they feel as though they have ruined everything they have worked hard for.

4. Men eat. They eat whenever they are hungry. All day. If they are feeling a rumbling in their stomach, they will grab a snack. All too often people who are trying to lose weight feel that they need to be on a food schedule.

5. Men don’t beat themselves up over minor setbacks.

6. Men like to compete against others when it comes to fitness. They will see how many weights they can lift, how many pushups they can do, who had the more toned six pack. A little competition is a great motivator.

7. Build muscle with protein shakes and lifting weights. Muscle burns fat therefore the bigger the muscle, the more fat that is burned


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