How To Make It Easier to “Go” and Have Good Bowel Movements


By: Krystle Crossman

When you have a normal, healthy diet you will usually evacuate your bowels two to three times per day. If you are going days without having a bowel movement, it may be time to change up what you eat. Here are 7 ways to get your system into a regular rhythm again.

1. Apples – If you are not getting enough natural fiber in your diet you will end up getting a little backed up. Apples are great for helping to move things along and also to flush out toxins that you may have residing in your body.

2. Prunes – Prunes have a natural sugar in them which helps to move the contents in your intestines. The sugar forces more liquid into your digestive system and then it forms a gel-like substance which helps to loosen the stool.

3. Peppers – The hotter the better in this case! If you can stand spicy foods then down some hot peppers when you are feeling a little backed up. If you don’t tolerate spicy foods well, start slowly if you can.

4. Water – Water is good for everything that your body does during the day and that includes your bowels. Drinking 8-10 glasses per day will significantly improve your bowel movements and keep you well-hydrated.

5. Aloe – Aloe vera gel from a whole aloe leaf is one of the best ways to get things moving along. Drink two shot glasses full in the morning before you do anything else to help keep things regular through the day.

6. Probiotics – If you have ever taken antibiotics you may have thrown your bowels out of whack. Antibiotics mess with the lining of the stomach and the digestive enzymes and the effects can last for years.

7. Digestive enzymes – These enzymes will help to break down the food you eat faster so that you will have an easier time pushing it through your system. Take these enzymes before a really large meal.


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  1. LindaCompton on

    One way to make sure you have regular bowel movements is to drink warm water first thing in the mornings and last thing at night. This has helped me from major constipation. I was told to do this over 40 years ago and it stopped the constipation. I drink water as warm as I can take it and sometimes put a little fresh lemon or lime juice in the water. Thewarm water relazes the intestinal track and makes it easier to have bowel movement. I am told the juice neutralizes the acid in the body. Drink the warm water without the lemon or lime juice if that bothers you!! Drink it several times a day and you will see a tremendous different in a short time!!

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