How to Make the Best Green Smoothie and Enjoy It


green smoothieHave you heard the saying “Health is the new wealth”? It was coined by toxicologist, living foodist, and published author Dr.Rhea Mehta who shared the best way to make a green smoothie at Green smoothies are great for gaining “access to bioavailable nutrition while preserving your precious digestive fire. In this way, your body can focus its energy on other important tasks, like cellular repair, detoxification and the metabolism of that not-so-healthy late-night snack.”

According to Mehta, it is not necessary to start your day with a smoothie, at least not right away. She suggests easing into your day with lemon water or or daily vitamins. After that, you can then get your blender out and make your smoothie.

As you can imagine, Mehta suggests your smoothie should primarily contain “greens” . To try and have delicious smoothie that doesn’t have too strong of a green taste, you can use neutral greens such as  romaine and spinach.

Other fun greens to play with include kale, collard greens (stems removed), butter/red/green lettuce, fennel, celery, cucumber and herbs (cilantro, mint and parsley — in smaller quantities). If you’re overwhelmed by the taste of pungent or bitter greens, halve the amount and substitute with romaine or spinach.

Use low glycemic fruit
A spike in blood sugar is not necessary for any of us, no matter what time of day. Because that’s usually followed by a crash, and we certainly don’t want to feel like we need a nap at 11 o’clock in the morning. To keep your blood sugar levels balanced, the majority of your fruit should be low GI, with a smaller quantity of medium-labelled fruit. Low GI fruits include apples, pears, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, strawberries and plums, while medium GI fruits include bananas, mangoes, papaya and pineapple, to name a few. 
If you can, stick to organic varieties. If this isn’t possible, shop from the Clean 15 — you’ll be surprised how many delicious fruits and veggies make the cut!
It’s important to mention that each body will react differently to food combinations and health claims. The key is to experiment with yourself, cautiously and openly. I personally add a ripe banana to my daily smoothie and have never experienced a crash – or felt poor in any way (bloating, gas, headache). Others may beg to differ. I say stick to low GI, play with the medium GI options and listen to your body.

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