How To Make Your Love Stay In The Honeymoon Phase


honeymoonMost relationships follow one broad and general pattern; they start out in the honey moon phase where the two people who claim to be in love are in a heightened state of bliss. The love birds smile for no reason, see the best in each other and often feel like they can not get enough of each other.

After a while, the relationship moves into the second phase where it seems as if the love birds have had their love goggles stripped from them and they begin to see each others flaws. This is typically when couples engage in a power a struggle which ends a lot of relationships. Most couples that stay together have found a way to move beyond the power struggle and on to the phase of acceptance.

But what if couples could stay in the honeymoon phase?

When we put the proper intention, commitment and work into our relationships, we have the ability to fall in love with the same person over and over again. In this article I’m going to tell you how. My hope is to create a shift in your perception to debunk the idea that love doesn’t last, and replace it with the unwavering conviction that it does.

When We Say Yes To Love, Love Says Yes To Us

As Robert Holden so brilliantly states, “Love does not come and go; we are the ones who come and go.”

Love is a force that lives within us. It can always be accessed if we’re willing to do so. The problem is, we often turn our backs on love.

Why? Because we listen to the loveless thoughts that stream through our heads.

We think we’re missing out. We think people and relationships get stale. We think problems exist in other people rather than in ourselves. We think love doesn’t last.

Listen, your thoughts create your reality. If your belief system includes lots of negative, anti-love thoughts, then love isn’t going to last long in your orbit (I’m sorry, but it’s true).

That’s the bad news. The good news is that if you train yourself to think with love, then love can become your new baseline. This puts you in a position to tap into love whenever you want! Anyone who’s done so will tell you that there’s nothing more constant and powerful than the force of LOVE.

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  1. Me and my wife were like a crazy couple during our honey moon. We had sex like 15 times everyday. We didn't see the street at all for a whole week. I don't want my whole life to be like that! lol!

  2. William H Leonard on

    These are great ideals and when one party pull away from the things that attracted you in the first place it's hard for them to fine fault or look in the mirror at themselves.

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