How To Tell Your Ex You May Have Given Him an STD


By: Krystle Crossman

Many people go untreated for STDs that they have simply because they do not know that they have them. They don’t get tested because symptoms don’t appear. But what happens when you do find out that you have an STD? You are required to tell anyone that you have been with in recent months so that they can get tested as well. That may be one of the hardest calls that you will have to make. Diseases such as chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea are all treatable however if they are left untreated they could have some very serious health consequences, including infertility.

So what happens if you just can’t make that call to your ex to tell them the bad news? You may be in luck. Many STD clinics or health departments will make the call to your past partners for you. The best part? It’s anonymous. They cannot tell your ex that you are the one who is infected with an STD. A health department worker was interviewed by NPR and they said that people would cry and would be really angry. Some would even hang up or refuse to talk to them. This of course is a normal reaction for someone when they find out that they may have a disease and then have to tell their current partners. It starts a chain reaction of STD testing. Just think about what the chain reaction would be if you didn’t speak up and everyone kept passing the STD around?

Even if you don’t think you have an STD it is always good to get tested at least every six months if you have multiple partners.


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