How Venus Williams Came Back Better and Stronger


Polo Ralph Lauren Legend's Tennis Clinic With Venus Williams
By: Krystle Crossman

Age just 14 years old Venus Williams became a professional tennis player. She and her sister Serena began training when they were very young and now both are two of the best tennis players in the world. Venus is now 33. In the last 19 years of her professional career she has won four Olympic Gold medals, three number one rankings for the singles division by the Women’s Tennis Association, seven Grand Slam Singles titles, and is the 2nd highest paid female tennis pro in the world. So far she has won almost $30 million.

Along with all of her amazing athletic feats, she also started a movement that changed the way Wimbledon paid out prize money. Since the start women were given less prize money than men for winning the championship. In 2005 Williams started a campaign to have woman paid as much as the men get. In 2007 Wimbledon changed the prize and women are now equal with men.

Williams now owns a few franchised chains of Jamba Juice. One of these chains was the setting for an interview with the Huffington Post. They asked her about her workout routines and how her life off the court prepared her for life on the court. She said that sometimes she does not want to get up in the morning and exercise but she gets up and does it anyway but feels great after. Her workout every day is a grueling one. She exercises for up to 4.5 hours while she is training. Some of her exercises include the elliptical, swimming, biking, and running. She says that she does not take classes because she has to do exercises that are tailored to tennis to ensure that she does not get injured.

When Williams gets to a point where she is feeling less than motivated to work out she will do half of her routine but will not skip it. She says that it is much easier to do half and pick up the next day than it is to get out of a cycle of not going. Williams also had adopted a vegan diet as she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2011 that can cause joint pain and fatigue. There are some days where this causes her to modify her routine but she still pushes through. The only time that Williams takes a break is the four weeks between tennis seasons. She does this to stay refreshed and ready for the next season.



  1. “Better and Stronger”? I wonder if the writer is aware Venus lost in the first round of the French Open. I don’t recall her moving past the first round in any tournament in last year.

    Chosinfew – One of the Frozen Chosin

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