How We Secretly Sabotage Ourselves On Weekends and How To Stop


relaxingBy Staff Blogger

If you are like most people who work Monday through Friday, you spend most of your day on Friday dreaming about the weekend. Forty-eight hours with no work should be a stress-free time. Unfortunately, for most people, the stress from the work week ends up funneling into the weekend and it’s not quite as relaxing as you would like. Don’t make these common weekend mistakes so you can have a great weekend and a fresh start on Monday!

1. Sleeping in late. Yes, we would love to be able to do it, but you throw your whole body out of whack when you do it because you are disturbing the pattern you spent the whole week getting used to. This can leave you feeling absolutely exhausted come Monday and can trickle into Tuesday too.

2. Watch out for how much you eat on the weekend. Don’t take time off from your regular diet just because it’s the weekend. If you go out with friends to a restaurant, try to get a healthy meal instead of a giant greasy plate of fat.

3. Take some time away from electronics. No phones, no computer, no tablets. Get out and enjoy the weather with family and friends. Staying plugged in with electronics around the clock has negative health benefits such as trouble sleeping and lack of focus.

4. The work week is when you should get your work done. Don’t try to play catch up if you slacked off during the week. You need time to recharge so you can properly focus next week.

5. Don’t cram all of your chores and errands in on the weekend. Do 30 minutes of chores during the evening through the week so you have more fun time on Saturday and Sunday.

6. Don’t think about work on Sunday. It is still the weekend. Relax. Don’t stress about what you are about to go into on Monday. Do something fun to take your mind off of work and worry about it on Monday.


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  1. Isys Casale on

    I need to take this advice.No more Thursdays and Sundaysmeetups at the Wine bar with coworkers. I suffered when I return to work!:)

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