How We Shame Ourselves About Our Bodies and Why We Need To Stop


By: Krystle Crossman

How many times per day do you think about what you don’t like about your body? We all do this every day. It is hard for us to accept that we should not be putting ourselves down. There are also things that many of us do every single day that is considered body-shaming whether we realize it or not. Here are nine examples:

1. You don’t let yourself indulge in anything. Don’t punish your body by depriving it of a sweet treat every now and then. It is okay to have dessert, just make sure that you moderate it. You can have something such as a few pretzels that are covered in chocolate or a small cup of pudding after dinner. This is not a detriment to a healthy lifestyle and is actually good for your body as you are not causing deprivation which could lead to a binge later.

2. Don’t think about beauty as just good looks. Beauty is so much more than appearance. Your personality can make you beautiful. Your attitude can make you beautiful.

3. S*xuality is a part of human nature. If you judge someone by how they choose to express it that is a form of body-shaming. You are telling someone that they shouldn’t be free to express themselves as they wish to because you are lacking the confidence to do so yourself.

4. If you don’t know anything about your body you are shaming it. We all need to look in the mirror once in a while and really look at ourselves. Get to know your curves. You can’t understand your body until you get to know it.

5. If you constantly think about dieting as opposed to a healthy lifestyle, you are shaming your body. Instead of thinking about ways to become healthier and more energetic you are thinking about ways to change the things that you feel negatively about on your body.

6. Body-shaming at its finest is when you compare yourself to Hollywood socialites and celebrities. The media present unrealistic body types constantly and if you allow yourself to be compared to those bodies you are not doing yourself any favors.

7. When you judge someone for trying to fit in with society’s standards of the perfect body such as when they get plastic surgery, you are shaming them.

8. Don’t compare yourself and others at the gym or in an exercise class. Everyone has a different body type and if you sit and compare yourself you will end up missing out on a class that could have had a great impact on your healthy lifestyle.

9. Shaming people who are thin by judging them and saying they are too skinny is a common issue as well. They have just as much right to be the way they are just as you have the right to be who you are.


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