How You Can Combat PMS


PMS1By Staff Blogger

It is that dreaded time of the month again when you go from a loving and caring person to the Wicked Witch of the West in a split second. PMS symptoms can make any woman cranky. There are some ways that you can reduce these symptoms however…

Vitamin B is extremely important to take when you are experiencing PMS. Some of the best things to eat that have Vitamin B in them are things that you may have thought you shouldn’t eat, such as cheeseburgers. You can also try diving into a cup of hot chocolate. B1 and B2 are found to affect the chemicals in the brain that cause PMS symptoms. Other versions of Vitamin B were found to be mostly ineffective.

A study was done on 3,000 nurses. They found that those who consumed the most Vitamin B in their diets had a 35% lower chance of having PMS symptoms such as bloating, cramping, and irritability. Thiamine and riboflavin in the diets also helped with symptoms.

Those who had roughly 1.9mg of thiamine and 2.5mg of riboflavin in their diets saw improvement in their symptoms. Vitamin supplements were not found to be effective in reducing symptoms. This could be because the body absorbs nutrients and vitamins better when they are introduced through food.

Some ideas for foods that you can have to help reduce symptoms:

– Hot chocolate – loaded with Vitamin B and a hot and tasty treat for a cold winter day.
– Cheeseburgers – While you don’t need to eat a lot of red meat, the Vitamin B and iron in red meat can really help when you are having PMS
– Mushrooms – Mushrooms can be added to many different foods and have great levels of Vitamin B


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