How You Can Have Healthy Financial Flow By Using Feng Shui


By: Krystle Crossman

You have heard of making your house feng shui to give off positive energy and balance your life out. But did you know that arranging your workspace or home to be feng shui can help increase your financial flow? All of the energies coming from different things around the house can flow harmoniously and help money flow as well. Here are six tips to make your home more feng shui.

1. In feng shui, water represents money and your emotions. If you have a leak somewhere in the house, such as a dripping faucet, fix it right away. You don’t want your money pouring down the drain! Fixing something in your home is like fixing something major in your life.

2. Close your toilet lid. It may seem like the simplest thing, but in the toilet, energy spirals downwards. If you close the lid you are protecting that energy from spiraling down too. Try not to flush away your money on frivolous things. Save it for the important things.

3. Clean up your front entrance. This is the first thing that people see when they enter the home, so you don’t want bad energy coming from a messy entrance. Make sure that your doorbell works and the numbers on your house are clearly visible so that chi energy can find you.

4. Think about symbolism. The “Money section” of your home according to Tibetan Black Hat school of feng shui is the back left corner of your house if you are facing the front door. Is it cluttered and messy? Your finances probably are too. If there are living plants that are thriving, it is more likely that your money is too.

5. The stove represents abundance in feng shui so keep it clean at all times and use different burners every time to keep all of your channels open.

6. Finally you need to work on yourself. How do you feel about money? Do you stress out and have negative thoughts about it? This could be keeping your cash flow limited. Stop stressing, realize things are the way they are, and think positively about money and it will start to flow to you.


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