How You Can Tell If The Restaurant You Are About To Eat In Is Disgusting or Clean


Couple enjoying dinner
By: Krystle Crossman

There are times when we don’t feel like cooking or we want to go out to eat to celebrate a special occasion. You know how clean your home is when you are cooking, but do you know how clean the restaurant that you are about to eat in is? If you look for restaurant ratings and guest reviews on Yelp you will know that it gives a wealth of information about the place you are researching. Soon you will also know the health score of the restaurant as well. Some cities have already started this and when you are viewing a restaurant you can see when they were last inspected and what violations they had if any.

All of the health inspection criteria are different based on what city you are in, but the data will still give you a relatively good picture of how clean your restaurant is. If you don’t have this information in a city near you, there are three ways that you can tell how well-kept a restaurant is.

1. Bathroom: How clean is the bathroom? Is there toilet paper all over the floor? Do you see employees washing their hands when they use the bathroom? Are they stocked with the basic germ-killing necessities such as soap, water, paper towels, or hand sanitizer?

2. Check out your server: Are they organized? Are they sloppy or do they look like they care about personal hygiene? Check for dirt under the fingernails, loose strands of hair, or if they are coughing all over the place. Chances are that if your server is not too concerned about their hygiene, the cooks aren’t either.

3. Double check your food: Check the temperature of your food. Nothing should be room temperature unless it specifically states this on the menu or if you have a medium rare steak.


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