How You Can Tell If Your Relationship With Your Man Will Last



By: Krystle Crossman

There is only one relationship in your life that will last forever and that is the one that you have with yourself. There is also the relationship that you hope will lead to marriage-that is also, ideally, forever. How do you know if the one that you are in now is the one that you will be in for the rest of your life? Some people tend to freak out right around their wedding day. They wonder if they are making a huge mistake or if the person that they are marrying is really the right one for them. What if their soul-mate comes along after they have already married this person?

Florida State University researchers conducted a study that involved 135 newlywed couples. They took a survey with them twice a year for four years. They asked all of the people involved in the study first to gauge how happy they were in the relationship with their partner. They were also asked to report any problems that may have been happening in the marriage. For the second part of the survey they were shown a photo of their spouse on the computer screen and all of the participants were given a positive and a negative button. They were to take the first word that came to their mind when the photo came up and indicate if it was a positive or negative word.

After the surveys were over the researchers looked at the couples’ lives to see how they were doing. After 4 years those who had said that the first word they thought of was a negative one have less satisfaction and more problems in their marriage. The ones who had a positive reaction to their spouse for the most part are still happy with their partner. This study may show that your gut feelings are far more honest and may be a better predictor of your relationship outcome than feelings that you tell yourself that you have.


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  1. The title of thr article is misleading. Doesn’t explain how one can tell if the one you are in a relationship with will lay forever.

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