How Your Body Tells You When You Are Making Great Choices With Food


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Your body depends on you to get the right nutrients through the day. You will know that you are doing something right with your diet because your body will give you signs. Here are ten ways to tell when you are eating the right foods for your body.

1. “Number two” happens every day. If you are eating healthy and your digestive system is working properly, you should be moving your bowels every day.

2. You are able to maintain a healthy weight for your body without stressing out about it. This is a fantastic perk to eating well. There is no point or calorie counting, no measuring, and no weigh ins.

3. After you have dinner, you still have energy. If you are eating the right foods you will not feel tired or bloated after. This will give you energy to go out and spend a night out dancing or seeing a movie.

4. Your clothes will fit better and eventually you will need a whole new wardrobe once they are too big!

5. Your s*x drive skyrockets. This one will not only make you happy but will most likely make your partner pretty happy as well.

6. You get more quality sleep. You will find that since your digestive system isn’t so sluggish from eating junk food you will get a better night’s sleep. Your body will naturally fall into a REM cycle and you will stay there for most of your night instead of tossing and turning.

7. You are in a better mood throughout the day. You will notice that your mood is elevated because you are feeling healthy and in control.

8. Your friends will think you are strange when you are out to eat at an amazing restaurant and all you order is salad instead of greasy fried food.

9. You don’t have to take over the counter meds anymore. No more heartburn medication, no more sleeping pills, no more allergy meds!

10. You are excited to tell everyone about how you are so healthy. You are doing a great thing, why wouldn’t you want to brag about it?


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