How Your Man Feels When You Don’t Have an 0rga$m


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Ladies, let’s be honest for a moment. How many of you have ever faked it so that your man can feel like he did his job in bed? How many of you don’t bother? New research is showing that when men know that they didn’t help their partner cross the finish line they feel as though they were not good enough in bed. This can lead to dissatisfaction in the bedroom and they may even start to pull away from you in a physical sense because their confidence is shot.

The study consisted of 24 women and 21 men. They were all part of focus groups. The women’s focus groups were about:

– Their male partner
– Faking [email protected] in bed
– Women’s s*xuality
– S*x toys
– Masturbation
– The experience of having an [email protected]
– Communication

The men’s focus groups were:

– Communication
– S*x toys
– Cl!toral stimulation
– Men’s s*xuality
– Women and men’s [email protected]

The results of the focus groups which had been conducted at Western University were that men felt extremely satisfied when they were able to bring their female partner to the finish line. On the other hand when they found out that they had not been able to do that, their minds went to the question as to whether they were any good in bed or not or if it was just her.

Another interesting fact that they study found was that men still believed that it was their job and their responsibility to bring their partner to [email protected] every single time. The women said that they usually didn’t let their partner know when they did not reach an [email protected] The men said that they wanted to hear it along with what it is that turns women on since many were so secretive.



  1. WOW!!!

    LMBO! I’m always laughing…
    The #1 issues in all relationships that cause “LACK & NEED” to keep a healthy relationship afloat and sexuality to par is: “COMMUNICATION”

    *Lack of “FRIENDSHIP” with your partner from the very beginning of the relationship, a friendship that grows “LAUGHTER & a sense of HUMOR” that brings forth a positive “CONNECTION” between both partners = (HUMBLE-HONEST-COMMUNICATION)…….

    Without “HUMBLE-HONEST-COMMUNICATION” friendship & connection cannot exist in a healthy relationship because it is the glue that makes the relationship stick.
    Communication is “FOUR-PLAY”…
    Communication is “STIMULATION”…
    Communication is “UNDERSTANDING”…
    Communication is “TRUST”…
    Communication is “LAUGHTER”…
    Communication is “HUMOR”…
    Communication grows “HUNGER FOR INTIMACY”…
    Communication grows a “LOVING-CARING-PATIENT-PARTNER”…
    Physical Sexual intimacy should always be the last thing on the list, its just the added creme on the top.
    Without all the above ingredients sex is a shiest, its tempral, its gets boring, and it dries up = non-functional / NO FUN, NO PLEASURE, NO ENJOYMENT

  2. I’m a very emotionally strong healthy black-woman.
    Black-women have strong (INTUITION) rather or not some of us use it or not.
    Trust issues will cause us not to have Orga$m… huh! I use to fake orga$m with my X-husband, truth was I didn’t really love him, there was absolutely “NO COMMUNICATION – NO COMPATIBILITY – NO TRUST – NO CONNECTION” at all just existence.
    Without honesty there can be no change, when you fake orga$m your only cheating yourself, makes me feel like he’s getting over on me, and some of us are not really comfortable with our S*xuality and sharing our body. Never again will I ever fake an orga$m. Its a waste of life.

  3. If your involved in a relationship of any kind marriage etc., and you don’t want to be s*xually intimate with your partner, and it doesn’t involve personal female healthy issues, you might as well be real about it: *(YOU ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO YOUR PARTNER) and you need to let him or her go because you are doing nothing but holding them “HOSTAGE”.
    When your truly in-love with a black-man nothing else matters because it becomes “UNCONDITIONAL”, but if you can’t stand his “LOVE-JUICES” on your body, your always nagging him to hurry-up, get you a towel, get this stuff off me, ew yuki attitude all the [email protected] time, let’s just keep it real “YOU ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO YOUR PARTNER” and you don’t love him.
    Many times some of us have orga$m and immediately want his a$$ to dissipate before he gets his…
    Please don’t make me break it down concerning a brother who is looking for nothing more then to “HIT IT & QUITE IT” and only shows up for the booty-call.

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