How Your Parents Affect Your Relationships Even If They Stay Away From You



By: Krystle Crossman

Your parents and the relationship that they had when you were a child may affect your future relationships more than you think. You may not realize it, but when you are out looking for a potential partner, your decision and what you look for may be directly influenced by how your parents were and what your family dynamic was when you were younger.

1. Who wore the pants in the family? If your father was the one that took care of everything around the house and was the authoritative figure, that is most likely what you are going to look for in a man when looking for a partner. You may be more attracted to someone who is sweet and caring, but may pressure him subconsciously to change and toughen up.

2. If your parents depended on you to make decisions for the family and depended on you to take care of things around the house, you may lean more towards a guy who needs some work. It is in your nature to want to help people and be a problem solver, so you may look for a man that you feel needs your help.

3. Did your parents like PDA? If they did, you are most likely more comfortable with affection and not afraid to show it in public. If your parents were more reserved, you most likely will be too and may shy away from any type of PDA.

4. If your parents were overly critical, you most likely are too. If one parent was overly critical of the other, say your mother picked on your father, and you are closer to your father, you will be careful not to be too critical of your partner for fear of hurting him. If you were closer to your mother, you will most likely follow in her footsteps and be the over-critical one.



  1. Your article is so very true for my life. My father worn the pants & provided for our family. I had looked for those same traits in my husbands. Well, I don’t want another husband unless the Lord hit me on the head to reveal him ti me. Lol!

  2. I find this to be very true being that i didn’t have a mother /father i was raised by my great aunt and her live in boyfriend and i had a structured childhood that didn’t involve no form of play until i was around 12. All i ever heard was foul language and alcohol was always involved so now I’m lost and confused as to what type of man i want cause im a very serious person who really never smiles and can’t have a good relationship cause alcohol controls aa lot of my life.

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