How You’re Likely To Feel After Eating Dunkin’s Glazed Donut Sandwich and Other Strange Combos


By: Krystle Crossman

Fast food companies are trying to compete with each other by coming up with strange new concoctions to put on their menus. Remember the Double Down sandwich from KFC? It was a chicken sandwich only instead of bread you had two chicken patties instead with cheese and bacon in between. Since the birth of the Double Down sandwich restaurants have been popping up with all kinds of interesting combinations. Dunkin Donuts now has a glazed donut sandwich. Taco Bell decided that they were going to introduce breakfast and created the waffle taco (although really it’s nothing more than a piece of sausage in a folded waffle). Men’s Health magazine writers decided to give one of the newest inventions, the Specialty Chicken dish from Dominos, a spin and see what all the fuss was about.

While the writers at Men’s Health felt thoroughly underwhelmed by their lackluster chicken dinners that was not all they felt. They felt confused as to how these products are selling so well. Just from one “Specialty Chicken Dinner” they found out that they had eaten almost 230 unsatisfying calories per serving which is just four tiny nuggets. Eating this type of food can lead to binge eating. The fat that is in the foods makes it taste good and makes you want more and the empty calories tend not to fill you up.

A study out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham reported that people who ate these types of food concoctions felt emotions of depression, negativity, guilt, and disgust. While this will not happen if you eat a meal like this once in a while, consistent fast-food binges can lead to some serious emotional issues, not to mention physical ones.


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