“I love you more than ever” Says Mrs. Obama Wishing President a Happy Birthday


michelle n barryBy Krystle Crossman

President Obama turned 52 years old on Sunday, August 4th. Twitter and Facebook blew up with messages from people sending birthday wishes to him. The best social media post however came from first lady Michelle Obama on Instagram. She posted a photo of her and her husband sitting on a couch in their earlier years. The photo is not dated however they look very young and the photo is in black and white.

The sentimental photo was posted with the caption, “Happy birthday Barack! Your hair’s a little grayer, but I love you more than ever.”

So far the photo has received hundreds of comments and over tens of thousands likes. Most of the comments were from people who respected the photo and the true love and caring that it showed between the President and the first lady.

The first lady is quite active on social media and has often posted photos from days on trips with her family and older photos of Malia and Sasha when they were small children. She started her Instagram account on June 27th when she was on a trip to Africa.

She made the leap to Twitter in January of 2012. Her first two tweets on her account were actually from some of the campaign staff that is in charge of the account.

Any of the tweets she posts herself she signs with “-mo” at the end. In just one hour of her feed going live she had over 20,000 followers. The first tweet from Barack Obama’s account the day that her feed went live read, “It’s not every day we get to welcome the First Lady of the United States to Twitter — happy to have you! @MichelleObama”.


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