I Will Never Stop Being Me: One Woman’s Story About Not Compromising Who She is to Find Love


By: Krystle Crossman

Dating is unforgiving, awkward, and downright hard sometimes. There are some who have a much harder time finding a partner, such as adult film start Sovereign Syre. You may think, “She stars in adult films, what guy wouldn’t love to come home to that every night?” While a good portion of men would automatically jump at the chance to be with someone in this profession, that doesn’t take into account what the woman is looking for. If she’s not looking for a random person and is really looking for a loving relationship, it is going to be hard to find. Now many of you are probably wondering why she doesn’t just quit her job and do something else that won’t peg her as a s*x symbol? Would you give up a job that you absolutely loved and were paid well for just to try and find someone to be in your life? Would that make you a happier person?

Syre had been in a relationship when she began her adult film career in 2011. They had been together for a year and he was completely fine with her profession. Then one day he left. She was thrown back out into the dating pool. She said that she didn’t do much for a year in the way of dating because she didn’t feel ready. Then one day she met a man who was kind and handsome so she let him take her on a date. She was nervous and could’t bring herself to tell him what she did for a living. After this date ended and she didn’t end up connecting with the charming man she went online and signed up at a dating website. Tinder was one of the main ones that she signed up for and she knew that it was more of a hook-up site than anything but she still tried to make sure that her profile noted that she was looking for someone who was intellectual like her (she has a graduate degree) and someone who was looking for something real. She did not mention what her current profession was and for a while did not tell people when they asked her.

Eventually she realized that she needed to be honest with people if she ever had a hope of finding someone for a meaningful relationship. She created a very long bio about all of her accomplishments, what she has done with her life, and who she really is. At the very end of the bio she added, “…also, I’m a p0rn star.” The messages began flooding in and suddenly even though there were only fully clothed photos of her on the site she was the s*xiest person alive, or so they claimed anyway. After a few conversations that seemed like they would turn into something ended up going down the path of a hook-up Syre decided that maybe being honest wasn’t the best policy.

Now in reading this you are probably wondering why she didn’t just quit her job and use her college degree to go get another job where people wouldn’t automatically peg her as a s*x object. She had thought about it but she loves her job. She wants to remain true to herself and she knows that if she changed herself to try and find a man she would never truly be happy. She is still single but knows what she wants and is going to keep being honest but will not change who she is to find someone to be with. That seems to be a pretty good lesson to take away from the story no matter what your profession is!


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