If You Tell These People About Your Relationship They Can Destroy It


Friendly ChatBy: Krystle Crossman

You may be excited about your new budding romance, but there are certain people in your life that may not be the best people to talk to about. In fact, these people could end up destroying your relationship. It’s best to keep quiet around them if you can.

1. Your ex: Even if you are still trying to be friends with your ex, your new love life is never something that you should talk about with them. There could still be old emotions that are being held in. If they ask you about your relationship just be as vague as possible and change the subject.

2. Your ex-in-laws: You may still be on good terms with them, but this could be a dangerous situation where words can get flipped and you can come out looking like a horrible person even if you are doing nothing wrong.

3. Your mother: Your mother will still see you as a child, it is just something that mothers do no matter how old their kids are. They may be more hesitant and give advice that isn’t meant for an adult relationship.

4. Your father: If you are a woman talking to your father about an adult relationship could be very hard for him to hear. You are still Daddy’s Little Girl and he doesn’t want to have to think about your adult life.

5. Your coworkers: If you tell one coworker all of your coworkers will end up knowing. News travels quickly around an office setting so anything that you don’t want spread around, you may want to just keep it to yourself.

6. Friends with rocky love lives: If your friend is in a bad relationship they really do not want to hear about your happy one. This will make them feel worse about their situation and they may try and sabotage your relationship so that they aren’t alone.


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  1. My experience was extremely devastating because it was my own mother and her secret prayer warrior friends who destroyed my new romance, then later on I found out my whole family was involved… who would have ever thought you couldn’t even trust your own mother humm… Bottom line you really can’t trust nobody..

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