If Your Co-Workers See You as Unattractive They Are More Likely To Bully You


unhappy at workBy Staff Blogger

Work can be a rough place. You could be  stressed and unhappy if you don’t like your job, but if your coworkers see you in the wrong way, it could be even worse. New research shows that people who are perceived as unattractive and mean in the workplace are often bullied more. According to the study, both appearance and personality matter to co-workers.

The Workplace Bullying Institute has data that shows that 35% of the workforce in the US, roughly 53.5 million people, admit to being bullied while they are at work. The study followed 114 people working at a health care facility. They were questioned about mean behaviors and mean co-workers. Spouses, partners, and friends who were close to the people being studied were also given surveys. Another group that was unrelated was given photos of people and they had to rate how attractive these people were.

The study showed that people who were perceived as unattractive or as having a bad disposition were treated worse than others in the workplace. These people were not rated as friendly either, by their spouses and friends. People who were mean and were perceived as attractive however seemed to be bullied less, or they were the ones doing the  bullying. It seemed as though their appearance was a buffer for their bad personality.

Researchers believe that this study is important to be aware of. How you act in the workplace and how well you groom yourself can affect your experience in the workplace. If you don’t have good hygiene and come to work with your hair a mess, clothes disheveled, and teeth a mess, you are more likely to be bullied. When people are bullied,  they tend to act more “mean” which only fuels the fire.


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