If Your Man Cheats Does It Mean He Is Bound To Cheat Again?


tiger woodsBy: Krystle Crossman

Men and women alike have problems with infidelity. Many people cheat when they are in a relationship and then are painted with the “Once a cheater, always a cheater” paint brush. The warning signs that your significant other is likely to cheat do not lie in just their individual traits, but in the traits of the relationship itself.

A study conducted and published in the Journal of $ex Research looked at 993 unmarried subjects. They were all between 18 and 35 years of age and were all in romantic relationships during the time of the study. The researchers asked the individuals about their personal traits and about the characteristics of their relationship, and then 20 months later followed up with them to see if any of them had cheated on their partner.

What they found was that some individual characteristics, such as having a high number of s*xual partners in the past or parents who were not married did play a role in whether they cheated or no.t. It appeared that the characteristics of the relationship played a much bigger role. Some of these characteristics were lack of commitment, physical or psychological aggression towards one another, and low overall relationship satisfaction. These were higher predictors of infidelity than the individual characteristics.

Having a few spats or issues in your relationship every now and then does not mean that someone is going to cheat, but the worse it gets, the higher the likelihood. Individual factors mixed in with relationship characteristics raises the likelihood as well.

If you do think that your significant other is cheating, try to avoid throwing around accusations or name calling. You will be more likely to get an honest response from your partner if you speak with them about your concerns while you are calm and rational. This can put you in a better place to stay in the relationship after an infidelity if you wish to do so.



  1. carolyn phoenix on

    I don’t jump on him every time he looks like he’ doing something wrong. Just looking at something doesn’t mean he is lusting. You have eyes to see with so look. Leave the lust look out. If he sees a girl with a big butt, he says hey babe look at that and i’ll look too!

  2. I understand the issue but I resent using my boy Tiger as an example , He admitted his transgressions in Public and went to therapy in The Public’s eye. How can one move forward if the media keeps holding them in old shoes.The issue is relevant but let my man move forward . Cheating is global not to mention accepted in some cultures. I am not condoning but support his effort.

  3. I don’t know about the once a cheater, always a cheater theory. I only know that in my case, my ex-husband cheated, I forgave and forgave until I had enough. He claimed he missed out on a lot of life because he went from his mom’s home to mine. He never got to experience life as a single man the way he was supposed to. I kindly reminded him that I did not shackle him and force him into a committed relationship. I told him he needed to be free to do whatever he wanted because it wasn’t going to work for me being in that situation. I was not a doormat, a person who always yelled or did anything that caused him to cheat.

    After our divorce, he was constantly in and out of relationships because he “wasn’t happy”. I heard that statement thousands of times. He wasn’t happy with me, or without me.

    Some people are just immature and confused.

  4. Cheating is a spirit. It is a spirit that tells you IR’s OK to act badly because of one reason or the other. It’s not the act but the underlying spirit. This spirit goes much further than what someone does with their body to pleasure them self. For this reason, once a cheater…always a cheater. They nay not have sex outside of their relationship but that spirit based on deception will show up somewhere else in character. Listen when someone tells you about all the “games” they play on their employer, family, friends, etc. They’re showing you this deceptive spirit. Run foe the hills!

  5. I wouldn’t know.I value and love myself too much and would never tolerate a cheating man.All it takes is 1 time and I would be out that door so fast he wound still see the smoke at the door.Mt theory is anytime he has to leave you and lay up with somebody else he will absolutely have no problem doing it again.As far as using this tiger woods and a example I am sorry I know it is wrong but if I had to take my rent money I would have honestly paid someone to beat the shit out of him and he would have deserved it!

  6. No it doesn’ t mean he will cheat again –may as well– I will never trust him again. I won’t look at him the same. It will be a rap.

  7. This is not always true unless the man is a dog. What reason did he give for cheating and their aren’t any excuse for doing it. What women don’t realize is they try to punish a man by with holding sex from him and other drama ideal they will come up with. Some are so insecure that the ideal wouldn’t float in any amount of water.

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