“I’m Not Gay”: Kordell Finally Responds and Reveals Why He Divorced RHWOA’s Portia


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Kordell Stewart is back in the news. This time he is answering questions that have come up in the midst of his divorce and denying rumors that are flying around.

One rumor that has been going around and that Porsha Stewart, his ex-wife, has insinuated many times between interviews and spots on her show is the rumor is that Kordell is gay. He states that this is not true. He says that he is not even bis*xual. He also states that he is not homophobic either which is another hot topic with him. Stewart says that nothing will ever come up in the news about him being with another guy.

Porsha apparently never wanted to talk about the rumors with Stewart. She brushed them off as if they were nothing. He said when they started getting more serious in their relationship he told her about the rumors. She said that it was no big deal and they went on their way. Not another word was said about the rumor since.

Another topic that Stewart touched upon was the end of his relationship. He said that one day she came to him and said that she wanted a divorce. She stated that she was uncomfortable yet there were producers and make-up artists from Bravo wandering around the house while they were having this conversation. When asked if he was still in love with his ex-wife he said that he still loved the Porsha that he remembered, not the one that he knows now. He said that she is not going to be coming back and he does not want her to come back with the way she is at this point.

Stewart also expressed extreme concern for his son because Porsha was not being a good step-mother by coming home after midnight constantly. Her excuse, according to Stewart, was that she was trying to be as successful as Nene Leakes who is her cast mate on their reality show, The real Housewives of Atlanta.



  1. If there is no evidence that supports her claim or anyones for that matter, i believe his statement. Bitterness from break ups have always cause people to defame others for personal gain. Show me evidence of him being Gay and ill believe it… the rest are simply rumors… A rumor can be shared by a million people who are biased toward their own opinion. But it will never make it true…

  2. There are two sides to a story. I watch the show and I believe half of what Kordell says and half or less of what she is saying. He is controlling and she is so insecure and spoiled.

  3. b i t c h e s always sat things like that when men don’t want them anymore. He doesn’t have to be gay just because he’s tired of her dumb a s s. Maybe she’d be attractive to a man if she read a book and had some brains to match her beauty…

  4. Wasn’t he a control freak? He showed his a$$ on the show, she was young but after a while,eyes open and that type gets left.

  5. Porsha is a woman scorned. She allowed RHOA to destroy her marriage. If Cordell is gay, WHY does se still want him and Why would she want to give him a list of things to work on so they can be together. Porsha is trying to keep her job on RHOA but addind fuel to this rumor. Shame on her

  6. All I know is that there have been rumors about his sexuality for YEARS…people here in Pittsburgh used to wonder about it when he was with the Steelers, but it was just rumors and innuendo; no PROOF. Outside of that, I don’t know anything about either of them, but it’s better to air dirty laundry behind closed doors. Why put the world in your personal business if you don’t have to? He’s taking the high road, and she obviously isn’t. Even if it was true that he was gay or bisexual, she KNEW about the rumors and married him ANYWAY. What does that say about HER character?

    • She was a gold diggind bitch dats exactly wat it says about her. If u r goin to divorce him them do it u dont need to air no dirty laundry out to do it just go to court n file for your divorce and be done with it. Quit bein so vindictive. Black ppl always trying to keep each other down

  7. I smell a ‘LeNethia’ rat on the line! Porsha you can’t be nobody but yourself! You tried to pull a Nene on Cordell, and it backfired! Hello. I’m inclined to believe this because to me it makes more sense. Even during the season premier Porsha stated that she would be willing to reconcile the marriage if Cordell promises to change certain things. But I was like, I thought he left. But now it makes sense. If she was trying to bluff him by threatening a divorce if he don’t bow down or what have you, then this is more like the outcome of what really happen. It makes sense it fits. She wanna play like he wasn’t the husband for her, and he told her ok then bye bye. Maybe she was just with him for the wrong reasons anyways. Now that she thinks she has the opp to make ‘her’ own money, she feels she really wouldn’t need Kordell anymore. They are irreconcilible though because when you start insulting the individual, it’s best that it’s over. Nene never insulted Greg directly, she only insulted his actions. That makes the difference!!

  8. Franchesca Seymore on

    Don’t like you Kordel. You are a control freak. She is a grown women and you lock her out of the house. What happen to communication. You knew she was on the show and that takes a lot of going place and socializing. You want what you want and that’s it. I don’t know how you got her anyway, with the personally you have. HE MAN mentally.

  9. There have been rumors about him being gay way before Portia came upon the scene. True or not, I have no idea but I will say this, from what I saw from the show he is very controlling. I have been married for 40 years and there has never been a word said when I have come in after 12, my husband knew where I was and who I was with, he has always treated me like a grown ass woman that knows nothing in the streets will make me do wrong, the same with him. If you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything! Also they need to keep the BS out of the media, both of them! TCB and let it be!

  10. On RHOA Kordell was extremely controlling but Porsha really thinks she is hot s**t, just because of who her grandfather was. He may have had to be tough on her to keep her from thinking she was above him.

  11. Rather he is controlling, gay, or whatever the case may be she dont need to b puttin his business n the streets… Bitch walk around and act like her shit dont stink and tried to play pussy n got fucked n now he dont want her illiterate ass no mo she wanna lash out n talk shit bout him… mighty funny he wasnt all that shit when she was spending HIS money.. Dat bitch just tryin to make a name for her self n unfortunately its gone bite her in the ass.

  12. kordell…….was caught with a drag queen in highland park….pgh…pa……by the police……she didnt care when she married him…why bring it up….shes dingy anyhow

  13. Ms. Information on

    This is my thing, if it is untrue that he is gay, then he can sue for defamation right? I think that she has some kind of proof…I’m wondering…..she is a complete airhead though, it’s sad that she represents her family in the way that she does though….her grandfather was a great man…..on another note…when is this ridiculous weave thing gonna end with black women…it is going overboard.

  14. no matter if he gay or not most of what he saying is b.s to ask for a divorce through a text msg email twitter anyway but face to face is a punk move no respect for that!!

  15. Although, I believe Kordell was a control freak that’s why he wanted to control her and the $. However, Porsha appeared to only want to dress up and look pretty for the cameras. `Kordell expressed a lot on camera how he was over here making that money`. She didn’t have any future plans just to be his wife with her reservation on having children and a reality star.I feel he got feed up with her laying on her back all day doing nothing.

  16. He is an a-hole!!!…I hope him, the “other” woman’s child, and his money are very happy!!..No one seems to have asked, where is this child’s mother?..I bet you 2 football fields, he did her the same way he’s doing Portia. He’s a control freak, and a fool!!..and not even a good looking one, at that!!…Portia is a couple sandwiches short of a picnic, but no one deserves the sh– his dumb a– is shoveling!!!

  17. I’m from D.C. and the word has been around since he was in college he and college teammate Michael Westbrook were involved if it’s been questioned that long might be some truth to it….

  18. STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS…HE’S GAY. That rumer has some long ass legs. He carried that long before there was a Portia.. He’s Gay Gay Gay..but it’s Ok K K…lol

  19. Portia Steward is the most dumb ass chic I have ever listen to. I don’t think she ever finished school. She’s a dumb blonde trapped in a black body. Damn girl pickup a book.

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