Important Life Lessons Women Can Learn From Jerks


downloadBy: Serena Crawford

Every person has people around them that are rude and just plain mean. There are some things that you can learn from these people however:

1. If someone doesn’t want help, you can’t help them – No matter how good your intentions are and no matter what you do, if someone doesn’t want to change their life, you will not be able to help them.

2. You learn to be a better person – Remember that horrible teacher in school that you thought hated you? Do you remember learning a lot in that class? That is because they were pushing you to become better. They may have seemed awful at the time but if you look back now you will realize they were just trying to show you the potential that you had.

3. You learn to have a thick skin – The more people push you in life the thicker your skin becomes. You will learn how to stand up for yourself when you are being bullied.

4. You learn that even though there are mean people everywhere, there are good ones mixed in – There are times when people really get you down but then out of nowhere someone comes along to pick you back up.

5. You learn to control yourself – Emotional outbursts can feel like a good release at the time when you are dealing with horrible people but sometimes the consequences can be more than you bargained for. Eventually you learn to control your emotions and remain calm.

6. You learn forgiveness – While you may never forget what someone who has wronged you has done you can learn to forgive them.

7. You learn to take care of those you love – When you are hurt you want someone close to you to take care of you and you learn to take care of them right back.

8. The benefit of the doubt – When someone is outwardly rude to you, your first instinct is to think they are a jerk. But over time you will stop and look at the situation that you are in and the circumstances that surround your behavior and give them the benefit of the doubt before writing them off.

9. Broken hearts – You will learn that after a few dozen broken hearts, it can always be pieced back together.

10. Some people are just jerks – There is no way to avoid it. Sometimes you will find that people are just jerks. They have always been that way, always will be that way, and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it.


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