In a Rut? Try These Tips for a Steamy Night


By: Krystle Crossman

It doesn’t matter if you are in a new relationship or have been in the same one for years. You will eventually hit a rut in the bedroom where it seems almost like a chore instead of a connection between two people. Here are some ways that you can get out of that rut and back into a great s*x life:

1. Think back to a particularly steamy night that you have had together. Talk about what the best parts of that night were and some of your favorite things that your partner did. Talking about it will bring back the memories of how much fun you had and can be a huge turn on.

2. There isn’t always time to hop into bed with your partner. Everyone has a busy life and sometimes there just isn’t enough time for anything. Make the time. No matter what you should always leave some time to be intimate together.

3. Try something new. Pick up a new toy or try a new position out. It will help you to bond and can also give you some new tricks so that you have some variety when you are in bed. Trying new things can also spark some fantasies that you may not have known were there and can lead to trying some other new things.

4. If you are stuck in a rut where you aren’t having s*x at all you need to talk about it. It is always and awkward conversation but if you don’t talk about it you won’t be able to fix it. Talk about why you think that you aren’t getting dirty as much and come up with solutions.

5. Get to the gym together and work out. Studies have found that people who work out are happier and have a lot more energy which translates well in the bedroom.


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