In Sickness and Health: 31 Year Old Bride Has Stroke Months Before Wedding


By: Krystle Crossman

When you marry another person you vow to love and cherish them forever, no matter what may come your way. You stick together through the hard times and do whatever you can to support your significant other. This is exactly what Jerrell Ellerbe did when his fiance suffered a very serious medical issue at the young age of 31. It happened six months before they were to be married. Even though they had not yet said their vows, Jerrell did what any good husband would do and stuck with her through it all.

Tiffani Blackwell met Jerrell on the dating website Plenty of Fish. She had been chatting with people regularly but found that none of them were what she was looking for. She was about to give up on the site when she saw Jerrell’s profile. After a few messages and phone calls back and forth the two met. After a few dates they took down their online profiles. They knew that they wanted to pursue a serious relationship. In March of 2015 while in the Dominican Republic, Jerrell got down on one knee. Tiffani gleefully accepted the proposal and they quickly set a wedding date of March 19th, 2016.

On September 21st, 2015, Tiffani began experiencing migraines that were intolerable. She then began to have blurry vision and weakness on her right side. It took three doctors to finally figure out that she had a massive stroke in her brain stem. They told the couple that this was a very serious condition and that many people do not recover to the point where they can live independently anymore or they succumb to the condition completely. Tiffani was determined and worked extremely hard to recover as much as she possibly could. She was in the hospital for a month while she was completing intensive rehab and Jerrell was there by her side every single day. He was her biggest supporter and didn’t leave her side.

Tiffani made it through the physical therapy and is now able to walk on her own and do most of the things that she was able to do before the stroke without assistance. They wanted to keep their wedding date so she worked hard to make sure that she could walk down the aisle. The big day came and they stated that their vows were not the most special part of the ceremony. Walking down the aisle held the most significance for them. It proved that they could go through the worst of times and still make it out stronger on the other side.

Jerrell wrote a free e-book called “Stroke of Luck” so that others could read their story and hopefully be inspired by the dedication that Tiffani had during recovery as well as the dedication from her soon-to-be-husband. He said that when she was walking down the aisle all he could think of was how lucky they were that they were able to get to this point in their lives.



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