Internet Goes Crazy Over Black Feminist Writing “educated hoe” on Graduation Cap


By Victor Trammell

Prior to this past weekend, a black female student at Eastern Michigan University caused Twitter to explode in a frenzy over a controversial photo she posted online.

The 24-year-old soon-to-be college graduate (who only revealed her name as DeAnn) showed off a picture of the top of her graduation cap, which had the words “educated hoe” designed on it. The graduation cap also had an embroidered drawing of a “Feminist Manifesto” quote from Audre Lorde.

A twerking, scantily clad black woman clutching a diploma high over her head was also drawn on the top of the graduation cap. By Friday (April 14th), the picture was retweeted around 4,000 times and liked around 8,000 times.

The viral response on social media led DeAnn to privatize her Twitter account. Other inflammatory phrases were scribbled on the top of the graduation cap as well.

DeAnn, a double major in women’s & gender studies and psychology appears to have a serious problem with society’s respectability norms and the fact that women are frowned upon for refusing to uphold a wholesome image that doesn’t suggest promiscuity. However, she seems to be totally in favor of the objectification and hyper$exualization of women.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, DeAnn shared her radical, far left-leaning liberal mentality with a correspondent.

“We don’t have to choose between twerking at the club at a girls night with our friends and graduating with honors, we can do both. We can do whatever brings us joy when the world tries so hard to tell us that we aren’t worth it,” DeAnn told the Huffington Post.

“Sex workers, ‘ghetto’ girls, loud women, women who didn’t attend college, single mothers, teen mothers, strippers, and everything in between deserve liberation and protection. We are not a monolith and there is not only one right way to be a Black ‘Queen.’” she added.

Photo of DeAnn’s graduation cap

In life, there are many situations where people will fight an uphill ice skating battle when they try to have certain things both ways. Mark Riches, a multi-millionaire CEO of a national risk management brokerage firm has a saying where he quotes: “You can make excuses or you can make money, but you can’t make both.”

In this case, women like DeAnn want to be able to level harsh criticism at people, deny them respect, and label them as misogynist because they believe in the objectification and hyper$exualization of women.

However, in the very same vein, these women wholeheartedly reserve the right to hyper$exualize and objectify themselves while demanding the utmost respect. When a coin is flipped, either a show of heads or tails is going to result.

Probability must always be taken into account when establishing accountability and what the mutually exclusive components are for any ideology.









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