Intimacy: Top 3 Ways to Get “the big O”


one eye womanBy Staff Blogger

While men are able to achieve “the big O” very easily, almost every time they have intercourse, women, generally don’t get “there” as often. Women have a much harder time reaching the big O, and need a little extra attention sometimes to get there. Here are the three top ways that a woman can get “there”.

First is intercourse. It is possible, but not as likely as with men, that a woman can [email protected] just from intercourse alone. The [email protected]@ is not as sensitive as the cl*t0ris, which during intercourse only is not usually touched. There is a g-spot inside the [email protected]@, but it is not as easy to hit.

To up your odds for the big O during intercourse, try d0g-gie style, as this gives the best angle for the [male organ]to hit that internal g-spot. Another thing you can do is get a vibrator, which is inserted in the [email protected]@ before the man enters. Both will feel it.

Second place goes to 0ral s*x. With 0ral s*x, the focus is on the cl*t0ris, which is the best way to get an [email protected] for women. The problem is that you still have to show your guy what you like and how to do things, because every woman is different. The best way to up your odds for this technique is to put a pillow under your behind, lie back and put your feet on his shoulders.

In first place is the always faithful “self stimulation”. In the end, only you know your body the best. You know the right pressure and speed for your body.

*Editor’s note: At Healthy Black Woman, we believe that women should not be ashamed of their s*e*x*uality and should embrace it. However, to keep the blog up, we have to follow some rules and not use too much “gown up” language.




  1. I love those pointers. Also, if you want your orgasm to last a while or have one after the other, hold your urine for a minute. I have gone for an hour or more after the 1st shabang! This particular way to utter pleasure happens with you and only you! Let me sumarize: When you’re loving on yourself, hold your urine at the same time; When the eruption happens, lay there for a second, then start rubbing the same spot again; voila! There you have it; orgasm all over again, very quickly. Keep doing it every few secs while still holding your urine. I guarantee it will blow your mind!!!

  2. After 40 years of marriage, I must advise all husbands that their wife’s satisfaction is their first responsibility if they want a happy marriage. Make her your top priority in life – you will be the winner for it.

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