Into Casual $ex? Here’s Some Good Advice


sleeping111By Staff Blogger

After a long-term relationship many people try to live a single life of casual $ex. To each his own, but there are some things that you need to figure out before you go down that road. Prepare yourself for a lot of self discovery after your union ends especially if your jumping from monogamy to casual encounters.

For starters, you need to be prepared to be honest with yourself. Why are you interested in casual $ex? Now that you’re single you need to figure out what is motivating you to have sex without strings. Also, what does casual $ex mean to you? Can you even do the no strings thing? What are you looking for in a casual $ex partner, someone that you can hit and quit or someone that you can have conversations with? Where do you stand on cuddling afterward?

You also need to be honest with your casual $ex partner, especially if you are going to make this a regular thing. Your partners are people with feelings and they deserve the same respect as anyone else. Make them aware of what you do and do not want in your casual $ex relationships and make sure that both parties understand that the arrangement can end without explanation whenever one of you wants out.

You should always be safe while having $ex. Make sure that you or your partner are using the right forms of birth control and protective measures. Wear a c0nd0m and protect your health or your casual arrangement will turn into a not-so-casual STD/baby.  Also, remember that even “oral gratification” can get you infected, so be thoughtful about where your partners have been.  The guy who gives you the best time in the bedroom might have been around the block enough times to catch something.


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