Is It Okay To Be “Feminine” In This Day and Age?


michelle feminineBy Staff Blogger

When you hear the words “feminine” and “girlie”, what do you think of? Do you think of a woman with make-up, a dress, high heels, and a very demure attitude? Probably! But many women don’t want to be considered as feminine anymore due to this stereotype. They want to be known as independent and strong women that don’t need to fall into society’s view of what they think it means to be a woman.

Today more and more women are becoming the breadwinners of the family, working hard and having the family life. This used to be a very scarce thing with many women staying at home and taking care of the kids and the housework. Now roles are being split between the men and the women. Does this affect how society should define the word feminine? As more women step into the traditional “man’s” role, should the word feminine disappear altogether?

The truth is it’s okay for women to be feminine but it may not be so easy. So many women have learned how to be “strong” and being feminine may not come as easily to them. It is not easy being a strong and confident woman all the time. Sometimes a woman needs to be “treated like a lady” and embrace her soft and feminine side. Let a man pull a chair out for you, get the door for you, or even carry something for you. It’s okay to enjoy those things and not feel like you have abandoned your “independence”.

Just because you let men do things for you sometimes does not mean that you are not strong and capable of taking care of yourself. Being feminine isn’t  a bad thing. In the end, don’t think of being feminine as being powerless;  think of it as being a strong woman who enjoys every aspect of who she is.


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