Is It Possible to Be Young, Single, and Not Attracted to Anyone…Ever?


By: Isabella Carson

When someone is young, attractive, and single people question what is wrong with them. Many people seem to feel that being with someone else is everyone’s sole purpose in life and that if you do not have a partner you have something wrong with you. This is very untrue and a myth that should be dispelled. There is something called as*xuality which is when a person just is not interested in being with someone at any point in their lives. They may have had relationships in the past but they were most likely short-lived and the person was never really happy with the situation. They love being single and wish to remain that way but it makes life much harder when everyone is pressuring them to get into a relationship and “settle down”.

The most commonly known forms of s*xuality are heterose*xuality and homos*exuality. But what about when you aren’t attracted to anyone at all? Does this mean that there is something wrong with you? Is your brain not functioning as it should? Of course not. It simply means that you do not have an attraction to anyone and prefer being alone. Some people feel that claiming that you are as*xual just means that you are avoiding a relationship because you are afraid to get hurt or are afraid of rejection but this is also untrue.

A study that was published in the journal of Psychology & S*xuality in 2013 showed that mental illness was not the reason that people identified themselves this way but many of those who did had a mental illness of some sort. The reason that they had some of these mental health issues was because of the pressure and the stigmas that they received for the label they had given themselves. It is easy to slip into depression when people talk about you behind your back because they feel like there is something wrong with you if you choose to remain celibate and stay single. Women are often dubbed “crazy cat ladies” if they choose to never have a relationship. This kind of stereotype can be damaging when someone hears it all the time.



  1. This is a pretty good article. I do feel that it is written with women in mind and has overlooked the man who is in this position as well. Men are flat out called gay and are suspect for the rest of his life. No matter the explanation, he will always be thought to be an undercover homosexual. And indeed, that stigma will induce a mental illness on anyone. I do believe that a person can be totally fulfilled and happy with their lives sans a sexual or intimate relationship. One has to be totally strong in their conviction and stand steadfast in what they know to be their truth.

  2. Theres nothing wrong with just being by yourself if you,re not attracted to anybody.Its not written in stone that you have to have someone or be in a relationship.But it definetly would be harder for a man if he wanted to be that way because like someone said everybody would automatically assume that hes gay and all that other shyte.The way around that is not to give a crap about what anybody thinks.

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