Is Lil’ Kim Addicted to Plastic Surgery? Hot 97′s Summer Jam Appearance Is Raising Questions


lil kimLil’ Kim has repeatedly  assured her fans tat she has never undergone any plastic surgery. The rapper even went as far as to accuse various blog sites and media outlets of trying to sabotage her by photo-shopping her images to make it look like she had gone under the knife.

Now the media is buzzing yet again after Lil’ Kim’s recent appearance at Hot 97′s Summer Jam. When images are floating around on social media and blog sites, the “Queen bee” can dismiss them with her claims that they have altered her appearance digitally, but when people are seeing her in person, that is another story altogether.

Is it possible that Lil” Kim could be addicted to plastic surgery and is denying having gone under the knife? The star is reported to look remarkably different than she did years back.

For most people, when they hear the word addiction they think of drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse are some of the most common dependencies, however addictions can manifest themselves in other ways. One very serious addiction that is often overlooked is plastic surgery addiction. Plastic surgery addiction falls into a category of addictions known as behavioral or process addictions. In a behavioral addiction, an individual is addicted to a specific behavior despite apparent negative consequences.

Unlike drug addicts who suffer from chemical addiction, plastic surgery addicts experience mental obsession to alter their bodies and faces. Typically this comes from underlying insecurities and desires to look a certain way, to fit their personal ideal of beauty. Most people who undergo plastic surgery procedures do not have the same obsession that some who is considered addicted to surgically modifying their body. Typically, people can have just one surgery and be satisfied.

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