Is Love & Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith-Harris Married To Mendeeces But Also Not Married To Him?


By Victor Trammell

Some people get married for the wrong reasons, including doing it just for attention and to put on a show.

That exactly is what goes on in the toxic world of black reality television where illegitimacy and dysfunction are shameless sources of mindless entertainment. VH1’s Love and Hip Hop, the highest-rated docu-series on television is arguably the biggest culprit of broadcasting what many critics call fraudulent “black love.”

It’s also worth noting that sham marriages don’t just happen in the superficial world of television. They also happen in real life.

One of black America’s most favorite sideshow “marriages” is the relationship between Yandy Smith (pictured far left) and Mendeeces (pictured far right). When the two exchanged vows on an episode of the tasteless reality show, viewers must have been under the impression that the nuptials were official.

However, Essence Magazine, the white-owned national entertainment news source (which many people think is black-owned) reported quite the contrary on its popular website Wednesday (January 4th). It appears evident that people shouldn’t believe everything that they see on television.

Lauren Porter, a reporter and columnist for Essence wrote the following in an online article, which was published yesterday:

“When Yandi Smith and her then fiancé Mendeeces said ‘I do’ in an opulent Love and Hip Hop wedding special, the covenant the couple made was before God, family, and friends who recognized their union as one. The only party that doesn’t recognize their union is the government.” (

Essence also reported that Smith confirmed that the marriage wasn’t legal herself during a more recently broadcasted segment of Love and Hip Hop. She shared the details with two of her friends on camera during an episode of the popular white-owned reality television show.

“I do not have a contractually binded agreement between my husband and I,” Smith said. “I didn’t send [the marriage paperwork]  off. I signed it, our officiant signed it, [but]  I never sent it off.” It definitely sounds like somebody got cold feet.

To recognize something in your heart is one thing. To do what you’re supposed to do so that it is recognized by law is another.





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