Is Masturbat!on Healthy?


self loveBy Krystle Crossman

Female masturbat!on is a taboo subject. Women tend not to talk about self-love or even admit to doing it. Some may privately talk with a friend and compare toys, but usually not in public. Here are some facts about female masturbat!on that you may not know.

1. There is no normal when it comes to female self-love. Everyone does it differently and is a different age when they do it.

More than half of over 2,000 women that were surveyed said that they used a v!brator either on their own or during $ex with a partner. Some believe that too much use of toys can desensitize a woman to actual human interaction.

2. It can help to cure a bad mood or depression. When you have an [email protected] you release endorphins which lift your mood. It is a fun and natural way to lift your spirits.

3. Loving yourself can help to improve your time with your partner. It helps the woman build confidence and helps her to know what she likes and what feels good and she can communicate that to her partner to have a more satisfying $exual experience.

4. Masturbat!on can help you to relax. If you come home and think about a terrible day that you may have had, trying indulging in a little self-loving. It will take your mind off of what you have gone through for the day and it will help to improve your mood as well.

5. When PMS shows its ugly face every month, the cramping begins. Did you know that masturbat!on can help to cure that pain? When you have an [email protected] and release the endorphins, you are sending out a natural pain reliever into your body. It has been known to help migraine sufferers as well.

Unless a woman practices “self love” excessively, so much so that it interferes with her daily routine, there are many health benefits to masterbat!on.



  1. Masturbation isn’t about self love. It is about completed a physical need when don’t have someone to do it, for whatever reason. You don’t fu*ked yourself out of love, but out of a physical need that need to be satisfied. This is about one of the most stupid article I have seen on this subject.

    • You are contradicting yourself and you are ignorant of it. “You don’t fu*ck yourself out of love, but out of a physical need that needs to be satisfied.” So question, if you were physically hungry do you eat because you love yourself, to an extent? Doing something out of a physical need is loving yourself because you are maintaining the health of yourself.

  2. LayLay Russell on

    Nothing wrong with it. I think women are stigmatized by the male dominated society to think it's wrong, and the old fashioned mentality from our parents or from our church leaders… Even saying if you use toys too much you become desensitized is questionable. For me, I prefer to love myself than run out here and risk getting a STD , be in an unsatisfactory relationship just to have a sexual partner, or "hook up" with a random male for sex…which would be disappointing for ME, because I like to be in love with a man I am intimate with. Been celibate for over 2 and a half years, and have NO plans to give up MY goodies until I'm READY…and until that time comes, it's just me and my hand! LMAO

  3. Another Woman on

    @ Insight: Your comment makes me scared to ask what your sex life is like. Pleasing yourself is key to being able to please the next person. Yes, sex has a physical aspect to it too but for you to touch yourself to the point where you orgasm… it takes a gentle touch here and there, a dose of sensuality and tons of loving. The same as having sex with someone else.

    So if sex with YOURSELF has nothing to do with love, what’s sex with your partner like? Loveless too?

    Your post came off a tad agressive, maybe you need to work at “loving yourself” a bit more. Lesson one should be learning the difference between making love and fucking.

  4. I don’t see anything wrong with pleasing yourself, its your body who are
    you hurting no one, if you can explore your body and please you then you’re able to please your partner, meaning you are comfortable with yourself, keep it to a minimum, don’t over do it , enjoy yourself.

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