Is PMS a Good Enough Excuse to Skip Work?


By: Krystle Crossman

As women we know one thing is absolutely true. PMS sucks. The cramps, the bloating, the mood swings. They can be too much sometimes. When you wake up bloated and crying because you are in a mood do you really feel like going to work? Probably not. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a paid day off from work when our symptoms get to be a little too much to handle?

There are several different countries that actually allow women to take time off because they are having symptoms with their periods. Some of the policies in the other countries such as Indonesia require women to give proof that they are actually on their periods. Men is Korea say that the policy is a form of reverse discrimination because they do not have periods that they can take time off for. (I am sure many women would be glad to let them experience it!)

Many of the countries that have these policies implemented have the wrong idea about what PMS truly involves. They feel that when a woman is on her period she is irrational, distracted, tired, and emotionally unstable. Now while sometimes this may be true, it is the symptoms that we experience that are the cause, not our mental state. They had attempted to pass a law in Russia that women should have time off because of their psychological state during this time of the month.

The problem is that if we had paid leave during our periods it would almost be like a slap in the face. It would seem as if our employer thinks that we are not capable of handling professional matters during our cycle. Most women are completely functional during our periods but there are some days every now and then where we would like to curl up in a ball with some ice cream and call it a day!


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