Is Reality TV Star Alexis Skyy Really Broke & On Medicaid?


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Tasia Wells/FilmMagic

Internet trolls under every bridge in America are dragging Love and Hip Hop personality Alexis Skyy (pictured) after the 24-year-old revealed she uses Medicaid for her daughter by popular rap star Willie “Fetty Wap” Maxwell.

When Skyy discussed the trying times endured while dealing with her daughter Alaiya’s health problems, she brought up being on Medicaid during the most recently televised episode of Love and Hip Hop. Medicaid is an income-based government health program that primarily serves the economically vulnerable.

While some expressed their sympathies, many fans of Love and Hip Hop took to social media to voice their criticism of Skyy who has previously exhibited arrogant behavior on the show. Fetty Wap, the father of Skyy’s daughter is a top-selling, platinum-certified, and Grammy nominated rap artist who has generated millions of dollars.

Skyy has also referred to herself as a “boss” and unapologetically talks about the hedonism she enjoys while flaunting a Hollywood-level lifestyle. But now, Skyy’s more humble revelations about her daughter’s medical condition has fueled speculation about whether the reality television actress is broke in real life.

“Soooooo nobody gonna say nothing about saying her baby on Medicaid. You makin money moves oh,” posted a Twitter user who calls herself @ThatsLifeNikki.

In all reality, Skyy’s daughter by Fetty Wap was born with a very adverse health condition called hydrocephalus. This causes fluids to build up inside down-reaching tissues within the brain. A single surgery for this health condition can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Skyy also revealed that she has not recently been able to get treatments for her daughter said her “Medicaid needs to be transferred over.”

To be fair, one should consider that Alaiya’s medical condition is severe enough to automatically qualify her for Medicaid regardless of the high income levels her parents have.



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