Is Red Wine Possibly the Best Drink That You Can Have?


By: Krystle Crossman

UB40 said it best: “Red, red wine. Stay close to me”. Red wine has been known to have many health benefits when had in moderation. Now there are studies showing that red wine not only is healthy for your heart in small doses, but it also has some cancer-fighting properties.

Evangelia Litsa Tsiani and a team of researchers found that red wine can help to stop the spread of lung cancer. They took six different culture plates that were loaded with lung cancer cells and they put white wine on half and red wine on half. They thought that the first test may have been a fluke due to the results that they got but after trying four more times they realized it was not a fluke. The plates that had the wine in them inhibited 60% of the cancer cells. The red wine did better than the white wine did.

Here are some other ways that red wine can be good to drink every now and then:

1. A study from Harvard found that men who drink 4-7 glasses of wine per week had half the chance of developing prostate cancer as those who didn’t drink wine.

2. It’s good for your heart. The antioxidants that are found in wine can raise your HDL (good cholesterol) numbers. It also has resveratrol which helps to keep your heart healthy and functioning as well.

3. Another study from Harvard in 2006 showed that the resveratrol that is found in wine can actually add years to your life, no matter how poorly you eat. (Although an unhealthy diet is not recommended)

4. Studies have shown that people who drink a glass of alcohol a day are less likely to be depressed than those who don’t drink.



  1. John Peoples on

    I have P.A.D., @ on blood thinner can I drink red also without a problem. I’m talking a very small amount.

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