Is Revenge $ex a Real Coping Mechanism After You Get Dumped?


By: Krystle Crossman

We have all heard the phrase, “the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else”, but how true is that really? Is revenge s*x really the best way to go when you are an emotional mess from being dumped?

Many people are conflicted when it comes to how they go about having s*x after a break up. If they are just using someone as a rebounder they can either have a great time and get a huge ego boost or it can be a nightmare when they start to get emotional over the love that they have lost. They may be thinking about the person they really want to be with instead of being in the moment with the person they are actually with. After being dumped people are vulnerable and may do things that they regret later because they are hurt and angry. They could also end up finding someone much better to love. It is really up to them and what they turn the experience into.

Researchers from the University of Missouri conducted a study on 170 undergraduate students who had just ended a relationship within eight months. They were to keep an online journal that told of their experiences after the breakup. A third of the students had reported having a new s*xual partner within the first four weeks after the breakup and that the new partner was a rebound from their previous relationship. The researchers also learned that 25% of the participants had s*x for revenge and the other 35% had s*x to try and get over their ex. The ones who had been dumped made up a majority of the group that had s*x for revenge.

The study showed that people that had gone through a breakup were more likely to have s*x with a stranger the next time they engaged in that kind of activity. It also showed that those who had been broken up with engaged in riskier behavior.



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