Is Sportscaster Sage Steele an “All Lives Matter” ESPN Token?


By Victor Trammell

ESPN sportscaster Sage Steele (pictured) has shown her true colors on race and a professional athlete’s right to protest bigotry and national injustice.

Recently, Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans took a knee during the singing of the National Anthem prior to a scheduled NFL game. Evans performed his act of protest to express his disappointment with the election of Donald Trump. Steele then subsequently took to Twitter to give her reaction to Evans’ pre-game protest.

The 43-year-old commentator posted a picture of a military cemetery full of tombstones over the graves of fallen service people. Posting the picture alone would have been the appropriate silent counter-protest to Evans’ kneeling before his professional football contest. But in true token, house negro fashion, Steele couldn’t leave well enough alone.

“Hey @MikeEvans13_ look up definition of the word DEMOCRACY & remember this pic while kneeling/exercising your right to protest ,” tweeted Steele in her November 13th posting. However, critics of her freedom-hating antics let Steele have it, including the wife of one of Evans’ teammates.

“Sage u need to back up! I respect u as a black female sports reporter but ur WRONG! Dont make me come for u!” tweeted Miko Grimes, the wife of Brent Grimes, another Buccaneers team member and good friend of Evans. Steele gave a contradictory statement on Facebook in a futile attempt to deflect attention away from her cultural faux pas.

“I pray that we can all begin to have more open-minded, non-judgmental, healthy conversations to ensure that diversity applies to ALL Americans, all of the time,” Steele wrote on her Facebook page.

Here is why Steele’s Facebook posting goes directly against what she claims to stand for. Her criticism of Evans on Twitter was every bit as judgmental as the people on social media who came at her for how she came at Evans.

What she is smart enough to understand (but quietly prohibited from saying) is that military service people have fought and died for everyone’s rights; not just the people who choose not to protest American injustice. Steele has the right to express her opinion.

However, she does not have the right to deem a silent protest of a presidential election as a slight against our nation’s fallen military service people. Bringing them and their families into a disagreement she has with an NFL player was cheap, unnecessary, and impudent. Steele is the one who needs a lesson on democracy, not Evans.







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