Is Working Out With Your Man a Good Idea?


© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationBy: Krystle Crossman

Having a workout buddy is great. It helps you to stay motivated and also may make your workout less boring. But should your workout buddy be your significant other? Yes, you will get to spend more time with them, but there are some other things that may make this one date you do not want to go on!

Let’s say that you get on the treadmill and run a mile in 9 minutes. Your guy meanwhile is still at the half mile mark by the time you are done. How do you think he will feel about that? Some men won’t care, but others will feel like they are not as fit and will lose a little self-confidence. If you slow down to match his pace you are taking away from your workout and your abilities.

Another problem is scheduling. He may like to go to the gym every single day but you are a little more relaxed about your schedule. You may want to skip a day every now and then to go out for lunch with your girlfriends or to go on a shopping trip. He may end up insinuating that you are a slacker because you do not want to keep up the same busy schedule as he does.

If you aren’t sure how being a workout buddy with your significant other would go, give it a try for a few days. If you feel like you are supporting each other and no one is dragging the other one’s workout down, keep at it. If you feel like one of you is beginning to resent the other, it may be time to keep your gym routine separate before that resentment leads to larger issues in the relationship.


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