Is Your Libido on Vacation? This Could Be Why


By: Isabella Carson

You may find times when you have a severe lack of libido. You don’t feel like doing anything in bed and sometimes this could cause you to worry that there is something wrong. But fret not, this is something that is completely normal. There are a few things that can cause a low libido:

1. If you have recently had a baby or are breastfeeding a baby you most likely are not going to be in the mood that often. Your hormones are going crazy and you have a lot to worry about. You are going to be tired and run down and that is okay. It is all a part of being a new parent.

2. Medications come with a lot of side effects. Many antidepressants warn that one of the side effects may be a diminished libido. Even if they don’t kill your libido they may kill your ability to climax which can be frustrating. If this is happening to you make sure that you don’t stop taking your medication. Instead talk to your doctor as they may be able to help.

3. A few days before you get your period you will find that you don’t feel much like doing anything relating to the bedroom other than sleeping. Cramps, bloating, and fatigue all happen a few days before your cycle and can cause a serious lack of libido.

4. When menopause hits your estrogen and testosterone levels dip and you will not have as much drive as you used to. There are ways that you can help your libido but you must check with your doctor as every woman’s body is different.

5. Men and women lead extremely busy lives these days. That leads to an excess amount of fatigue and stress. Neither of those things are good for your libido. Cortisol is released when you are extremely stressed. The cortisol blocks the hormones that control your s*x drive. This happens when you are going through a big change in life as well such as buying a house or getting married. It is still stressful even if it is over something happy.

6. You may find that when you are on the pill you have a decreased libido. The pill messes with your hormones until you are used to the medication so you may end up not feeling like doing much while you are starting it.


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