Is Your Man Addicted to P*0rn or Is He Just a Selfish Jerk?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Some women believe that their man never watches p*0rn. Never. Of course some of these women are naïve as most men watch it. The problem is that they have to hide the fact that they watch it because they are afraid that she is going to freak out if she catches them. While not all women do, many will think that he is either:

– Cheating on her
– Would rather be with someone else
– Is a pervert
– Doesn’t care about her
– Isn’t as s*xually interested in her as he may lead her to believe

Most of the time these feelings of insecurity are just that…feelings. But when this happens there are a lot of women who will insist that they go to couples therapy to “fix” his “problem”. There are some men who do have a real problem with p*0rn such as watching way too much of it or letting it destroy normal relationships, but a majority of men just watch it because they can. And then when they are found out, they are shamed for it. One therapist says at this point the woman can either determine that her guy is a selfish bastard or can say that he has a medical disease, “p*0rn addiction”.

Many women will say that the reason they have a problem with their man pleasuring himself to an adult film is because they are right there, ready and available for him, but he would rather have fun with someone else. Many times these women that say they are available are the ones who really aren’t but think they are!

Some men will give up adult movies for their partner and some will even stop [email protected] for her. Then there are others who will say that they are giving it up and do it in secret like and ashamed teen. Either way, the woman who is shaming her partner has already made her mind up about him.



  1. We can deny the obvious but porn is harmful. The porn industry destroys the actresses and actors. Please look up “dead porn star.” We cannot derive pleasure off of the suffering of others. And yes, I am a man and I know a whole lot about porn. Many men begin to prefer porn over their wives. This probably doesn’t apply to girlfriends because you can easily break up when issues arise.

    Why would a blog that is suppose to help people to be better condone the use of porn. Maybe someone is trying to generate a discussion.

  2. Any Man or Woman that does this have no love for themselves first and foremost and no committment,or respect for their mate because if he or she did there would be no reason to view porn Most of them have sexual insecurities about themselves and seek self gratification thru porn via internet and magazines which in turn debased the mind and lead the heart astray in seeking sex with individuals on a website and so this viscious cycle continues day after day to the extent that they don’t have that same desire for their mates because the mind is now corrupt and warped with images that can’t be erase or less they get professional help

  3. I din’t think it’s true that mean start perferring p**n over their wives. But the p**n is easier to deal with. The actors in a movie don’t complain. They do all the positions she won’t. They don’t get upset if the performance was subpar. They don’t want to be held afterwards. They can get it done in under 5 minutes and not get any complaints… Sometimes a man just wants to get the job done without all the drama.

  4. When women talking about how they have a headache and how they dont do this and wont do that? Thats when a dude will watch some smutty flicks and take care of his business on his own.. women should be relieved if he is only watching dirty flicks.. he could be out cheating..

    women.. dont be surprised if you always have a headache and your man goes somewhere else to get his rocks off

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