Healthy Love: Is Your New Man A Womanizer? Here Are The Signs


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By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

You’ve been swept off your feet and fallen hard for your new “boo” but you want to know if you can trust him to be loyal and faithful to you. Jane Garapick of came up with five signs that will let you know if your new man is a womanizer-wolf in sheep’s clothing:

1. He has a reputation
If the people who know him or know of him say he is a womanizer, then he probably is. Have you ever heard the saying “there is no smoke without a fire”? Of course he may have changed and may be different with you, but don’t hold your breath; he probably hasn’t.

2. He moves fast
If he starts professing his “love” for you much sooner than you expected, chances are it’s not love; it’s lu-st and he knows that the sooner he tricks you into thinking he’s in love with you, the sooner he can get his grubby hands on your “goods”.  If he hasn’t taken the time to get to know you before professing undying love for you, how could he possibly love you?

3. He’s over the top with the romance
Most women love to be wined, dined and romanced but if it seems like your new man is laying it on a little too thick, then it is probably just part of his routine, which he has practiced a lot! Don’t be fooled by all the gifts and surprises that make you feel special because you’re probably not…at least not to him.

4. He only has eyes for you… and anything else in a skirt.
There is no harm in just looking-right? Well, maybe, but with a womanizer, he’s not just looking; he’s planning his next conquest! Looking may be harmless but womanizers will overdo it to the point that you can’t ignore it. He will also do a lot of flirting with any woman he comes across, that could be a potential “victim”.

5. He seems too good to be true.
He says all the right things and does all the right things but a little voice is telling you that he is just too good to be true. Well, he probably is. Unless you have trust issues of your own (in which case you need to resolve them before attempting to enter into a relationship), you need to listen to that little voice (intuition) and run!



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