Is Your Vag!na Loose? Here’s Why and What To Do About It


vag purseBy: Krystle Crossman

Many women complain that their s*x life is hindered because they have a loose [email protected] They are insecure about this and decide not to do anything about it because they think that the myths about why it is so loose are true. Having too much s*x  or too many babies not the causes for a loose va-jay-jay. The muscles that are loose from that are the pelvic floor muscles. When these muscles are stretched out they tend to lose some elasticity and the [email protected] muscles tend to sag as the pelvic muscles are what holds them up. Three of the real reasons that you feel a little looser than you should are:

– Having babies one right after another without giving your muscles a break to recuperate.
– Age – The older you are the looser things become!
– Severe medical condition – This is rare

So if you are having this problem, what can you do to fix it? Here are six tips:

1. Secret Ceres – This is an herbal stick that balances [email protected] pH, increases your libido and pleasure during s*x, and helps to tighten all of the muscles in your pelvic area.

2. Healthy Food – Eating healthy foods that promote muscle growth and health are a great way to rejuvenate those muscles.

3. The Big O – When you have an [email protected] you are effectively tightening those muscles with every contraction.

4. Geisha Balls – Insert the geisha balls carefully and clench your pelvic muscles to keep them in place. The balls are weighted so you need to engage the muscle in order to keep them where they are.

5. Kegels – Make sure that you do your Kegel exercises. This is where you tighten the pelvic muscles as if you were stopping a stream of urine.

6. Exercise – Getting exercise and toning your core muscles helps with your pelvic muscles as well.



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