It Is Scientifically Proven Singles Live Better, Healthier Lives?


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By: Krystle Crossman

Which is better for your health? Is being single better or is being married better? Does it all depend on the person? An article that was published earlier this month in Business Insider states that being single is much better for you than being married however those who are hitched may strongly disagree.

June Hunt who is the CEO and founder of Hope for the Heart ministries says that life shouldn’t be all about finding the right person. It should be about making yourself the best that you can be so that you are the right person and then you can focus on finding someone. Relationship status is just a title. The article states that it is scientifically proven that if you are single you are happier in life. They say that getting married may be a really bad decision and that there are five scientifically proven benefits to being single. Those reasons are:

– A strong social network
– You don’t have to settle for anyone or anything
– You get to have alone time whenever you want
– You will have a fit body because you won’t be content with one person
– You will have a happy heart because it will not get broken

Janice Crouse who is a senior fellow and executive director at Concerned Woman for America’s Beverly LaHaye Instititute has 5 counter arguments to the article:

1. Money: Married couples are usually more wealthy than those who are single. Having two incomes certainly helps when it comes to finances.

2. Health: Crouse says that for heart health, the Business Insider was “cherry picking” data to make it look like they had proof to back up their claim.

3. Happiness: Crouse believes that happiness is when you finally find that someone that you are supposed to be with. She says that the drive to be married and to find a significant other can put people under a lot of pressure which goes away when you are no longer single.

4. Social Networks: The article says that singles have better social lives than married people do but Crouse disagrees. She says that married couples get out a lot more than singles do and create more friendships this way.

5. Longevity: A recent study from the University of Chicago was referenced by Crouse saying that the risk of premature death was higher in singles because of loneliness and depression.



  1. At 51 I’m satisfied being alone.I know longer care to be in a relationship after all I’ve been through.I enjoy peace and quiet and there is so many things I want to do

  2. It’s nothing better than your peace of mind, I could write a book on my experience after I told my Husband I was moving out with our two younger son’s. It was the best decision I could have made, being in my late 40s, after I left my high blood pressure became normal, My Hypothyroid condition improved to the point that my Doctor said I no longer needed the medication. I lost weight, I was in fact a happier person and it showed on the outside. My Husband ask to reconcile the same year I left, it took over two years before I would reconcile with him, I loved my independence, and no demands from a Husband, who is controlling. Reconciliation was a big Mistake!

    • @annrowe…

      LMBO!!! I do understand, I’m a thyroid patient too… Stress anxiety and all the above can make you deadly ill, even losing your will to live while everybody else lives their life, getting what they want, controlling you & daring you to be able to make your own independent choices concerning what makes you happy and what works for you. My parents already raised me, I don’t need a life partner to raise me all over again, especially when there is nothing wrong with me my choices or my desires, I’m a grown woman…

  3. I am on-board with you Sandra and Redbone. Nothing beats peace and relaxation. I don’t know if you ladies have experienced the same thing that I am experiencing right now, but the more you push back and refuse to enter a relationship, the harder the men pursue. Some men do not take rejection very well. I have had grown men to throw a tantrum because I did not want to get involved with them romantically thus solidifyng my reasons for not wanting to be with them. I enjoy peace and who has time for the crap.

    • @FWalker…

      LMBO!!! Girlfriend I’m rolling at you because you hit the nail on the head. They scare the crap out of me. I gave this one guy a hug OH Lord! what did I do that for LMBO! and girlfriend I mean no harm, but I tell you Redbone is ready to run, please don’t get close. I’ve been single and loving it for so long, God has spoil me so bad… OMG! My jewerly business was finally launched this pass Wed., I’m being launched into the womens ministry today, I’m so excited but nervous, who has time for relationship drama… MY FUN HAS GONE TO ANOTHER LEVEL!!!! I’m so happy / over-joyed and so blessed… no balls and chains for me!!!

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